Beglika Fest 2017 – REBIRTH

Each year, Beglika Fest brings together a community of visionaries, free-minded, free-spirited people, artists, musicians, enthusiasts and dreamers who seek harmony with nature.

We come here to establish a deeper connection with the nature around us, to calm down and listen to her voice, to go deeper into her language, her silence, her sounds, her stillness.

We are aware that our human footprint can leave serious marks on this beautiful but delicate ecosystem. And we intend to implement some of the best practices available to keep that impact to a minimum!

Together, we want to create a truly environmentally-friendly festival. To come to the mountain as to a sacred place. To calm down. To awaken the feelings of sacredness in each of us. To extend our gratitude. To be more aware, more enlightened creators of love, life and art. Less noise, more poetry and listening to nature’s own music, more opportunities for the artist in each of us to come through. Beglika is an experience we share and create together; lovingly, consciously and with great care!

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Photo: Olivera Indjic ©