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No plastic junk on Beglika Fest

The use of disposable plastic forks, spoons, cups and dishes will be forbidden at this year’s Beglika Fest. The goal, of course, is green – to reduce waste. Organizers explain that pubs can ask for a cup or plate deposit to use until the end of the festival. And they advise those who want to bring their cups and dishes from home. There will also be able to use paid wooden and cardboard containers.

This year the festival will be held from 23rd to 27th August at Beglika Dam. The entrance ticket for all the days of the festival costs 65 leva /approximately 32 euro/, and if you take it on the spot the price is 70 leva /approximately 35 euro/. If you decide to join in just one day of the festival you pay 20 leva /approximately 10 euro/ per entrance. There is also a family ticket for two at a price of 110 leva /approximately 55 euro/ and a group for five for 275 leva /approximately 137 euro/. Children up to 14 years old are free of charge. And the number of visitors is limited to 2,200, again in order to care for nature.

The musical program will offer you to listen to the New Zealand singer who works in Sofia Tui Mamaki, group Bad cocks, the traveling musicians Soulfia, Svetlana Vassileva – Strela /Arrow/, Dari and Eggo, Acoustic Soul, Ivan Shopov in tandem with Laura Zhelyazkova, Zeyra, Main Winds, Vataff Project, Victor’s Mob and Imagine.

You can join in workshops on the experimental dance, you can open your chakras with music and participate in musical improvisation. This year’s special theater and circus program are also planned. Aside from watching plays, you can learn to juggle or have fun making colorful soap bubbles.

This year, additional tickets will be paid for “The Island of Silence”. During the Beglika Fest, you can also participate in self-knowledge and self-improvement programs. There are workshops on creative writing, poetic meetings and any other events which the fans of reading will love.

Of course, you can also take part in sports activities and sightseeing tours in the Beglika area. You can test your strength with kayaks in the dam for 10 leva per hour /approximately 5 euro/. If you just want to swing over his water like Tarzan in the jungle you will have to pay for the emotion of 5 leva /approximately 2,5 euro/. It is so worth and trolls over the dam. For 10 leva /approximately 5 euro/, you can go horseback riding. Or just lie down over the shadow, rocking in a hammock. There will also be a table-top corner where you can make friends with friends.


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A call for explorer-silenauts for Beglika Fest 2017

Sensory Theatre Sofia and the Institute for Silence Research organise a contest for explorer-silenauts who will take place in the THE ISLAND OF THE SILENAUTS for the 3rd year in a row as part of Beglika Fest.

THE ISLAND OF THE SILENAUTS  is an interactive performance which takes place on an island amid the Golyam Beglik Dam surrounded by nature. The show is built on the principles of the Maze of the senses and contains elements of land art, performance, music and dance.

– explorer’s spirit
– natural predisposition for staying and working in silence
– desire for communication and co-creation in a space beyond words.

The preparation and realisation of the event will take place between 19th and 27th August 2017 and it is necessary that the participants immerse fully in the process. The process of exploration and creation will finish with a performance for the audience. Participation in the project is voluntary.

To apply, please send us a short presentation of yourself and a cover letter at by the 7th of August.

Photos of previous editions: 2016, 2015

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Beglika Fest 2017 Seeks Volunteers

The preparation of Beglika Fest and its happening is a mutual creation which needs the energy of people who believe they can communicate, create and change the world together and who recognise nature as the right place for that.

This year we are looking for people with serious intentions and readiness  to work, learn, help and interact with each other. The volunteers will be engaged in different activities connected to the preparation of the festival area, building facilities and infrastructure, various creative and logistic tasks before and during the festival.

The volunteer adventure of Beglika Fest starts with the preparation camp on 8th August. The second part of the camp starts on 16th August and goes on till 30th August.

Detailed information on the Volunteers work

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Beglika Fest 2017 tickets already on sale

The tickets for Beglika Fest 2017 REBIRTH are alreаdy on sale. The first 150 promo tickets will be sold at the price of 50 leva. A one-day ticket costs 20 leva. Children of the age of 14 and below participate free of charge.

If you have already decided to take part in Beglika Fest 2017, hurry up and grab the promo tickets. This way you will save up between 20 and 30% of the price of the ticket and will help us start up some of the most important preparations for the festival.

How to buy tickets?

Online at Ticket Logic (Via ePay, Visa & Mastercard)

On +359 887 333 112 (Cash payment on delivery)

At the following offices (Office 1 Superstore, Fastpay, Na Tamno Shops, Booktrading, etc.)

Code of the event at Fastpay: 29577

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Beglika Fest 2017 – REBIRTH

Each year, Beglika Fest brings together a community of visionaries, free-minded, free-spirited people, artists, musicians, enthusiasts and dreamers who seek harmony with nature.

We come here to establish a deeper connection with the nature around us, to calm down and listen to her voice, to go deeper into her language, her silence, her sounds, her stillness.

We are aware that our human footprint can leave serious marks on this beautiful but delicate ecosystem. And we intend to implement some of the best practices available to keep that impact to a minimum!

Together, we want to create a truly environmentally-friendly festival. To come to the mountain as to a sacred place. To calm down. To awaken the feelings of sacredness in each of us. To extend our gratitude. To be more aware, more enlightened creators of love, life and art. Less noise, more poetry and listening to nature’s own music, more opportunities for the artist in each of us to come through. Beglika is an experience we share and create together; lovingly, consciously and with great care!

How to buy TICKETS?

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