Beglika Fest Seeks Volunteers

The preparation and onsite realization of Beglika Fest is a creative act of togetherness that is charged with the energy of people who believe that can communicate, do arts and change the world TOGETHER in the most appropriate place – the nature.

The volunteering adventure, part of Beglika Fest, is happening in 3 stages:
August 8th to 16th – first stage of the preparation activities;
August 16th to 28th – second stage of the preparation activities along with the festival dates (23 – 27 August)
August 28th to 30th – last stage including completion retreat.

The first stage of the preparation activities (8 – 16 August) NEEDS VOLUNTEERS who would set serious learning and work intentions 🙂 It is important to gather a group of 15 – 20 people who are willing to dive deeply into the festival placement and zones arrangement. To get into details with tents, ropes and woodwork, into relationship with people and community. People, who are willing to test together our strengths and the effect of our brains, muscles and hearts put together. To watch with pleasure the build-ups onsite and inside ourselves. We wait for you starting August 8!

The second stage of the preparation activities (16 – 28 August) also NEEDS people with serious work and learning intentions in mind. In this part we continue to build, learn from each other and experience the happening. We expect you to arrive on 16th and to stay with us at least until 28th of August.

The completion stage – after-festival setup and cleaning – also NEEDS its people. For around 2-3 days we usually manage to set in order and tidy the place in its pre-festival appearance. Our team should include around 15 people, that are dedicated to surely attend those post-festival days.

The most important to know before you apply for Begliko-volunteering is:

1. The volunteering for Beglika Fest 2017 tooks place between 8th and 30th of August*, as recommended:
– from 8th to 16th of August as a minimum time-frame;
– until 28th of August as optimum time-frame;
– until 30th of August is the maximum time-frame opportunity.
* in cases different time-frame is offered we will discuss it individually to achieve acceptable deal.

2. For the Begliko-volunteering during festival activities is important that we like and rely on each other, and that everybody falls in place within the festival agenda and separate tasks and activities.

3. In the first stage of the preparation activities the work is set in whole day with just one afternoon rest, that includes complimentary snack bars and fruits. During the actual festival activities there is a designated agenda, in which every volunteer has a 6-hour daily shift assigned. In the rest of the day you are on your own except in cases you cannot help but continue with the festival work tasks and activities 🙂

4. What to bring with you: a tent, a sleeping bag, a mat, warm clothes and a swimsuit, raincoat, a teacup and tin, own cutlery, your dedication and willingness in Begliko-volunteering and of course, your ideas and suggestions on how to make it happen.

5. The food is provided to all.

6. The transportation is on you.

Please, go through this year’s list of activities and Begliko-volunteering vacancies, to educate yourself on the opportunities to create and have fun together there.

Important Note. During the preparation and the actual festival happening there are some volunteering activities that are same, and some are different. Thanks to that we know we have planned and achieved the festival activities in successful mode. This is important note before you start exploring the list of Begliko-volunteering activities below. Please, have in mind the list is just for information, the magic happens onsite only!

Vacancies on preparation and actual festival days:
Chefs (they are the most wanted in all days) – people with passion for food and longing to cook vegetarian meals; food supply managers; cleaning management, who are in charge of the beauty and effectiveness of the kitchen and eating points.
Drinking water suppliers (of higher importance in all days) – people who take care of the dear water; who help in the kitchen meaning to stay in close cooperation with the chefs and to spend time in kitchen activities when they are not busy with water supply.
Fire starters – who take care of the fire and firewood needed in the kitchen and in charge for the fire settlings in the festival zone and accommodation zones around. Again this is very important and needed in all days’ appointment, that is carried by responsible people who will also spare time for other activities, when possible.
Forest elfs – people who are responsible for the garbage gathering, cleaning all zones and installing the trash containers points; who also take care of the compost and garbage reuse; who maintain the conditions and cleanliness in the compost toilets; this is all it started and ends with.

Main vacancies for the first preparation stage starting 8th of August

 “RoboKoop” team:
Tenters – who will settle all tents in place
Carpenters – woodwork and wood construction and assembling.

The tenters and the carpenters are seen to be working together .

Other vacancies for the second preparation stage starting 16th of August:
Magicians – who are responsible for the toilets (settlement, cleaning, fixing and mulch supply)
Artists – who will paint and hang signs, posters and similar.
And many others!

Vacancies needed only during the festival happening days:
Informers – who work in the info-centers; responsible for explanatory and informational activities, who provide details on the events, placement and more.
Transporters – who are in charge for the parking lot, boat transportation, directing the people moving around.
Porters and security
And many more!

All applications are to be sent to Simona –, with the additional:
– Begliko-volunteering Motivation letter;
– the dates you are available;
– short presentation on your personal experience and skills.

The most important is to find and meet each other. And the more time we spend together, the more good we can achieve!