Sustainable Development Charter

Sustainable development is about improving the long-term economic, social and environmental wellbeing of people, familys and communities in Bulgaria. To be truly sustainable, this needs to be done in ways which promote social justice and equality of opportunity, and which enhance the natural and cultural environment and respect its limits.

Our vision of sustainable Festivals

Enhancing the long-term wellbeing of people,familys and communities is central to our approach to sustainable festivals. To promote this we are committed to a sustainable future for Bulgaria where we:

  •  live within our environmental limits, using only our fair share of the earth’s resources, for example by radically reducing our use of carbon-based energy and greenhouse gas emissions, moving towards becoming a zero-waste activity;
  •  support healthy, biologically diverse and integrated ecosystems, by actively recognising and supporting our environmental assets including people land, water and biodiversity;
  •  build a resilient and sustainable economy, including by fostering local economies and suppliers, supporting innovation, achieving the transition to a low carbon, low waste economy, and ensuring that Bulgaria is a good place for our children to grow and prosper;
  • enjoy communities which are safe, sustainable, and attractive, where people enjoy good health, by having a much stronger connection with our local environment, familys and each other; are a fair, and just nation, in which citizens determine their own lives, shape their communities and achieve their full potential, by ensuring equality for all is a core value to all our work.

Sustainable Development Charter

To make our festival a sustainable festival, we need all organisations to work with us to deliver these objectives. Sustainable development should be a real organising principle, relevant to all sectors of our activity society, with a focus on the long-term and serving the citizen,
By signing up to this Charter, and making sustainable development your central organising principle, you will be committing to promoting and delivering wellbeing through your decisions and operations, by:

  • ensuring that all decisions promote long term, sustainable wellbeing of people (including employees) and communities, and do not promote short term fixes that will continue to lock us into unsustainable patterns and lifestyles;
  •  ensuring that all decisions take full account of, and where possible fully integrate, the various social, economic and environmental outcomes that are being sought;
  •  engaging with, and involving, the people and communities that will be affected by these decisions, so that working in partnership for sustainable development becomes part and parcel of the way we work.

This Charter commits organisations to this and sets out the approaches required to make this happen.

Sustainable development – the benefits to оrganisations

The benefits of adopting sustainable development as the central organising principle are that it will:

  •    Allow decisions to be future-proofed, protecting your organisation by meeting the needs of current and future generations;
  •     Help promote innovation and new thinking in the development of sustainable goods and services, to set your organisation apart as a leader and allow you to take advantage of future opportunities;
  •     Promote resource saving, energy efficiency, and waste reduction.
  •     Safeguard and enhance the reputation of your organisation – locally, nationally and internationally;
  •     Aid the consistency of decision making across the board, so that all decisions are based on a comprehensive view of economic, social and environmental considerations;
  •     Promote joined-up working within (and between) organisations,

The commitment

We agree to making sustainable development the central organising principle in how we make decisions and carry out our work. This means we will:

  •     Be clear about our role, responsibilities and commitments in relation to sustainable development;
  •     Provide clear leadership for sustainable development, within our familys, organisations,and with those we work with;
  •     Promote continuous improvement so that we continue to reduce the, environmental impact of all our activities;
  •     Embed sustainable development into all our decision-making, including financial, decisionmaking;
  •     Strive to be an exemplar organisation, to lead and inspire others to act.

To demonstrate our commitment to sustainable development, we will:

  •     Share examples of how we are considering economic, social and environmental issues, and the promotion of wellbeing, in our decision-making;
  •     Show how we are promoting the wellbeing of our staff and customers;
  •     Demonstrate our thinking and vision for the future, and the role that we as an organisation play in that;
  •     Provide examples of the work that we have done to promote sustainability within Bulgaria