How to buy tickets?

Online at Ticket Logic (Via ePay, Visa & Mastercard)

On +359 887 333 112 (Cash payment on delivery)

At the following offices (Office 1 Superstore, Fastpay, Na Tamno Shops, Booktrading, etc.)

Code of the event at Fastpay: 29577

Price categories and terms

EARLY BIRDS, 5 days (from 23 tо 27 August 2017) – 60.00 lv. (first 150 tickets)

STANDARD TICKET, 5 days (from 23 tо 27 August 2017) – 60.00 lv. (available in July)

STANDARD TICKET, 5 days (from 23 tо 27 August 2017) – 65.00 lv. (available in August)

STANDARD TICKET, 5 days (from 23 tо 27 August 2017) – 70.00 lv. (at the entrance)

ONE DAY TICKET, one day of the Fest’s Program (of your choice) – 20.00 lv.

FAMILY TICKET (for two people) – 110.00 lv.*

GROUP TICKET (for five people) – 275 lv.**

CHILDREN under 14 years have a free entrance.***

What does your ticket include?

Your ticket includes: State camping tax, water access, electricity, WC access, waste management, security, logististics; and of course the whole festival program, with the exception of the rope elements and boat rental.

This price wouldn’t be possible without the help of all the volunteers and our partner organizations. By paying for your Beglika Fest ticket, you help us create OUR festival together and to develop a community of seekers and creators who are able to take responsibility for the future.


The Beglika Foundation restricts the number of tickets to 2200 as part of our responsibility to the environment in the area and our desire to minimize the effects the festival has on this cherished place. We have been successfully doing just that for the last 8 years without having to deny access to anyone.


* The Family Ticket is valid for the parents and all children under 14 years of age. If you don’t have a civil marriage but have a child, you can show IDs and a birth certificate of the child.

** All group participants should be at the entrance at the same time and should enter together.

*** All persons under the age of 18 are allowed to enter the area of the event only with a companion and with a printed and filled declaration signed by the companion – parent, guardian or another person who takes care of the child.

The declaration should be filled in two copies as one of them stays with the security guards and the second one stays with the companion in case it is further required.

One companion can accompany not more than 2 children of whom they are not a parent or a guardian.