Beglika Fest 2018 tickets now on sale

Tickets for Beglika Fest 2018 – Ten steps along the way –  are now on sale. The first 150 promotional tickets will only cost 50.00 lv.

Children up to 14 years of age participate for free.

If you have already decided you will participate in Beglika Fest 2018, make sure you buy one of the promotional tickets while they last.

This way you will save between 25 and 50% of the normal selling price if you purchase at a later date and you will help some of the earlier stages of the Festival.

Contributing  financially, you will help in the making of our festival and to create a unusual community of inspired and creative people.

Tickets to Beglika Fest 2018 can be purchased one of the following ways.

through the system of ePayGo

– through EasyPay tills (EasyPay partner stores)


Hurry up as the promotional tickets are in limited stock!