Beglika Music expects its audience!

This year’s musical program in Beglika Fest is going to be a mashup of new, as well as old well known Bulgarian projects in the genre of etno, jazz, pop, rock, ambient, world music.

The KABA STAGE is a traditional beglika platform where people represent live, experimental acts that move your soul and body. On the KABA STAGE, artists such as Kottarashky, Beloslava, “Merudia”, Boyana Zhelyazkova, Vyara Ivanova, Taraleckov, Vataff, “Metamorphosis” jazz, Ambient folklor, Groovin Pipers, Echoo and others will come to show their talent. For the first time, a choir of 20 vocalists will play medieval choirs. Just like last year, the musical performances on the KABA stage will quiet down at around midnight, however the talented artists will continue to play around the campfires.

For the second year in a row, there is going to be a official jamsession stage during the festival. IMPRO-JAM Stage opens up the possibility for artists to show the meaning of art for them, through music, dancing, photography etc. In the program of the stage, there are going to be morning and afternoon jam sessions and musical workshops with djambeta, digiride, experimental dance and individual performances of musicians and dancers.

In addition to musical performances, practical talks on music will be presented during Beglika Fest. The themes are about the healing power of music and the effectiveness of sound propagation with horn-acoustic technique that allows for amplification without “straining” the sound.

Other activities, which Beglika Fest offers are also in the process of preparation, with the organizers again setting up spaces for different arts such as circus, theater, cinema, reader’s club. There will be a dedicated place for demonstrations of traditional crafts, places for spiritual and esoteric activities, forum for discussions on topical social and ecological topics, spaces for sports activities and entertainment around the dam, kindergarten for the youngest, etc.