Traveling and Camping

How to get to Beglika Fest

To get to Beglika Fest, take the Trakia highway to Pazardzhik, then to Batak and then to Dospat. 20 km away from Batak there is the Golyam Beglik Dam. The road passes through the dam wall Where you should take to the right way to the Blue Bay. There you can leave your cars in a car park. From there you can get to the camp and the festival area by water taxi.

If you come across the Beglika Bus, you can go down to the Blue Bay stop and take a water taxi, and you can continue to the black road from where you can reach the campsite area, which is about 3 km from the junction.

Camping at the festival in 2 areas

Central Camping

  • The Central area is situated about 400 meters away from the festival entrance.
  • There is flowing spring water, compost WC and garbage points in the beginning of the camping area.
  • Fire places
  • The area is 30 000 sq. meters with ensured security, but always be cautious about your security.

Family Camping

  • The Family camping area is a general concept. The area is situated at the coastline, 1500-2000 meters after the entrance.
  • The advantage of this area is that it is further from the festival area, it is very calm and not very populated.
  • The disadvantage of the area is that there is no flowing spring water.

Camping state tax included in the ticket price!

Advises for a happy and cloudless stay at Beglika

  • Say “Hello” to your neighbors and be a community for a better security and satisfaction of the social life. Care for one another, seek for help when in need.
  • The tents are vulnerable even when locked. If you are worried that something might be stolen, please do not leave it inside the tent !
  • Always keep on sight items that you can loose easily – keys, wallets, mobile phones, cameras!
  • The best way to show that you are a real Beglika lover is to leave the camping site without any traces – minimum burning of wood and the garbage is in your back-pack or at right places.
  • Less the garbage – lighter the back-pack…

Theft Prevention

No matter how wonderful the people of Beglika are and how nice this festival is, Theft has been around too. Don’t worry too much, but be cautious and follow these advises:

  • Lock and empty your vehicle, leave the glove compartment open and empty !
  • Camp with friends: make your camp near friends or make the neighbors your friends !
  • Leave a mess inside your tent, so it is really difficult for a thief to grab something fast !
  • Be creative about where you store your valuable items !
  • Leave without any supervision stuff you can afford to loose !


There is only ONE RULE – drink much water! Long hours of no sleep, dancing and the summer sun increase your need of water. Clean drinkable water is available on the fountain at main camping area of the festival !

Alcohol & Drugs?

Drug use/Alcohol abuse and the mixture of both can be fatal and we as organizers do not welcome that! Consume alcohol according to your limits, because for the good vibe of the festival there is no need of falling wasted people! All of us will be feeling much better if this can be avoided! If you see some of your friends or any visitor of the festival that needs help, please seek medical help or the security.

What to take with you?

* Warm clothes for the evenings, temperatures really drop at night!

* Toilet paper, have in mind that wet wipes do not degrade!

* Condoms

* Toiletries (toothbrush/bio toothpaste, sanitary pads)

* Head-light/Head-lamp

* Camera

* Medicaments

* ID card

* Cap/hat

* Sun gasses

* Sunscreen oil

* Festival clothes

* The SMILE : )