Tenth Annual Edition of Beglika Fest 2018 – Ten steps along the way – will be held from 22 till 27 August 2018.

How to buy tickets?

– Through the online platform ePayGo

– Through EasyPay tills. EasyPay partner stores, where you can buy tickets.


Early Birds, 6-days ticket – 50.00 BGN (first 150 tickets)

Regular 6-days ticket – 70.00 BGN

Anniversary ticket, 6-days ticket with additional services included* – 100.00 BGN

One-day ticket – 25.00 BGN

Group ticket, 6-days ticket for five people – 300.00 BGN**

Teenagers ticket, 6-days ticket for youngsters between 15 and 17 years old – 50.00 BGN

Children up to 14 years of age participate for free.***

Tickets at the entrance:
– Regular 6-days ticket – 85.00 BGN
– Regular 6-days ticket with a presents package – 100.00 BGN
– Teenagers ticket – 60.00 BGN
– One-day ticket – 25.00 BGN


Your ticket includes: state camping tax, water access, electrification in the festival zone, WC access, waste management, security, logistics, the whole festival program with the exception of the rope elements and the boats.

This price wouldn’t be possible without the help of all the volunteers and our partner organizations. By paying for your Beglika Fest ticket, you help us create our festival together and to develop a community of seekers and creators who are able to take responsibility for the future.



The festival restricts the number of tickets to 2200. This restriction is connected to the organizers’ responsibility to the environment in the area and our desire to keep under control the effect the festival has on the place. For the last 9 years we have succeeded in doing this without having to deny access to anybody.


* Additional services could be: water attractions, participation in the “Tishinavtite” program, personal seances regarding astrology and tarot, personal musical therapy, massage and others.

** All group participants should be at the entrance at the same time and should enter together.

*** All persons under the age of 18 are allowed to enter the area of the event only with a companion and with a printed and filled declaration signed by the companion – parent, guardian or another person who takes care of the child.

The declaration should be filled in two copies as one of them stays with the security guards and the second one stays with the companion in case it is further required.

One companion can accompany not more than 2 children of whom they are not a parent or a guardian.