Beglika Fest is a space for learning, creating, self-knowledge and self-realization, fun and interaction in the purest form along with everything that surrounds us.

The preparation and implementation of Beglika Fest is a collaborative creation that requires the energy of people who believe they can communicate, create, change the world TOGETHER and for which nature is a place of learning.

The creation of the festival is divided in 3 stages – preparation, main event and completion.

Stage 1 – Preparation
During this stage, the volunteer’s core and heart develop. We construct the festival’s foundations, which include the main house, festival grounds and the connection between each other as volunteers. We learn to synchronise with each other and the surrounding environment, in order to work more efficiently as a team!
Volunteers take part in everything that is required in order to construct our festival.

Stage 2 – Main event
Here we move into a more advanced stage in the process of creation. Preparation is running full force and volunteers have found their place within the different groups. If you take part in this step, we will yet again learn more about each other. You are now part of the main process.

Stage 3 – Completion
This is the period after the festival, which is solely focused on cleaning.
Here we collect everything and put it in storage whilst leaving no rubbish behind.
The goal is to leave the environment where the festival took place untouched and completely cleaned. We need approximately 10-15 people, but “The more, the better”


  • The period of time for volunteering is as follows:
    – from 2nd to 27th August (inclusive)
    – from 13th to 31st of August (until the completion of the cleaning stage).

If variations in the time period is needed, we can discuss an acceptable period suitable for you.

  • During the Festival, it is vital for us volunteers to enjoy our company, trust each other and work together as a team, whilst taking into account the objective you have taken and the scheduled program.
  • During the preparation stage, we work all day (with an afternoon break).
  • SCHEDULE: during the festival, there is a schedule in which every volunteer has a shift, 6 hours daily. The rest of the day is free for you to enjoy, unless you are very eager to continue working on the festival which is no problem.
  • PERSONAL EQUIPMENT: you need – a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, warm clothes (and swimsuit), raincoat, cup and utensils as well as your best attitude and dedication towards working as a volunteer. 🙂
  • FOOD: is provided
  • TRANSPORT is your responsibility, however we help whenever we can; there is also a facebook group.

Important note. During the preparation and the actual festival happening there are some volunteering activities that are same, and some are different. Thanks to that we know we have planned and achieved the festival activities in successfully. This is an important note to keep in mind before exploring the list of volunteering activities below. And please remember, the list is just for information, the magic happens onsite only!


– CHEFS – (they are required all the time) – are people that are passionate towards food and are ready to cook delicious vegetarian/vegan meals and who are ready to help in the kitchen with anything they are needed for. i.e cutting, stirring, serving and keeping the kitchen clean and tidy.
-SUPPLIERS FOR DRINKING WATER – are people who bring clean water for drinking and cooking. They also help in the kitchen when they are not busy providing water.
– FOREST ELVES: This group is responsible for keeping the festival grounds clean and beautiful. They deal with garbage gathering, installing trash container points and general maintenance. “Clean outside, clean inside” 🙂
– FIREMEN: They take care of fireplaces in the kitchen, festival zone and camping grounds. It is a vital role and most of the time a profession, which requires time and patience.

Other objectives during the preparation stage include:
– MAGICIANS – responsible for the toilets, i.e construction, cleaning, repairing and maintenance.
– ARTISTS – people that paint signs and posters (also responsible for hanging them)

Professions, only during the festival:
– INFORMERS (work on information desk) – responsible for explanatory and informational activities, who provide details on the events, placement and more.
– Transporters – who are in charge for the parking lot, boat transportation and directing the people moving around.
– Porters and security
– Other (if there is an unexpected need)!

All applications are to be sent to Simona beglikavolunteer@gmail.com by the end of July,
include the following:
– Your motivational letter towards becoming a Begliko-Volunteer!
– A time period you are available
– Short presentation of personal details and previous experience.

Why become a volunteer?
– To experience the festival through yourself as well as others
– To seek and discover new states, new ways of communicating and working together.
– To spend time with nature and find yourself in it
– To test the strength of your mind, muscles and heart along with more inspiring people like you
– To have fun while studying, creating and doing something amazing

We expect you!