DJ on the Tree is the new music stage of Beglika Fest

This year at Beglika Fest you will be able to immerse yourself in the world of electronic music. The stage “DJ on the Tree” will offer you short night-time programs starting around midnight.

You will hear and see: Soulful Bliss, AuroraX, Zero One, Quantum Space and Man O’Lov performing: hypnotic, ambient, psychedelic, ethnic and world music, dub reggae, fusion, etc.

There will be special visualizations as well as interesting collaborations between the DJs and other performers.

The scene is made up by the “Association for construction with natural materials, that has been assisting the Festival for years with volunteer work and know-how. Inspired by the dam, the unconventional scene is built on a white pine tree, and the DJs are very close to the water.

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