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Thank you Bulgaria

БЕГЛИКА Димитър Караниколов 2

“THANK you BULGARIA” is a show with a message about the soul and the relationship between man and nature. The project is a combination of choreographies, dances, bagpipes, tapan, artistry and visualization. Learn More


Zeyra is the new  project of Vesselin Mitev (ISIHIA), Kayno Yesno Slonce, Vataff project. The project works with various ethno and electronic music

guest musicians. Zeyra has an electronic sound and a twist of trip-hop mixed with acoustic sound flowing through sitar to gadulka and nai.

Vataff Project


The Vataffs are Rosalian healers and shamans who treat with sound. Feel the healing vibration with ethno-electronics in symbiosis with acoustic instruments from around the world.

Togetherness Forum


Common causes will be presented during the festival and will seek long-term support in the form of labour, knowledge and resources.  Some of the topics in the Forum: education, self-development, creativity and expression, administration and finance.

The New Renaissance and Communities


The lecture talks about the creators of the new RENAISSANCE – the people who create new businesses for a shared economy, space technologies, alternative energy and artificial intelligence.

Sasha Bezuhanova is the founder of MOVE.BG, an internationally recognized manager, an angel investor and a philanthropist with a significant contribution to the social development of Bulgaria.






We will follow the original of Paneurhythmy dance left by the students of the teacher Petar Dunov from 1928 year. The music will be performed by young violinists with the exact notes from 1928.



We will play different instruments, and will feel the vibrations and the impact of rhythm coming from the heart. You don’t need special musical skills to participate, but rather an intuitive approach.

Children Playground


A program of activities for children, games and creative workshops, adventure around the area, themes for natural parenting, educative pedagogies and methods.

Dome Construction Forum


National forum for meeting, acquaintance and cooperation of visionaries, planners, builders and keepers of dome homes and buildings.

Circus “Combino”


Food Corner


Crypto beans, shared kitchen, Tibetan tea, homemade ice cream, popcorn with lard, raspberry wine, hemp beer and more…



Beglika no longer has garbage cans–The garbage you’ve brought is your own personal responsibility.

We will provide reusable utensils, because we do not have a landfill in the forest.