Beglika is not a client but community-oriented initiative.


Some 2/3 of the visitors do not pay participation fees.

The event supports itself the rest one third.


2019 will be the last edition to see participation fees. As of 2020, we’ll make the event
happen by the community with minimal individual contributions.


Be part of the change! 


EARLY BIRD – until to 31.12.18
Five-Day Pass – 60 BGN;
Family * Five-day pass – 80 LV


EARLY TICKETS – until 01.03.19
Five-Day Pass – 70 BGN;

Family * Five-day pass– 100 LV


EARLY TICKETS – until 01.04.19
Five-Day Pass – 80 BGN;
Family * Five-day pass– 110 LV


NOT SO EARLY – to 30.04.19
Five-Day Pass – 90 BGN;
Family * Five-day pass – 120 LV



LATE TICKETS – Up to 13.08.19


Five-Day Pass – 100 BGN;
Family * Five Day Pass – 150 LV







Five-Day  Pass(Wednesday-Saturday)-120 BGN;

Three-Day Pass(Thursday-Saturday)-100BGN

Two-Day Pass(Friday-Saturday)-80BGN

One-Day Pass(Saturday)-50BGN

Sunday-Free Entrance


Four-Day pass for young people from 15 to 17 years – 70.00 BGN;




Family * Four-Day Pass-180 BGN;

Family * Three-Day Pass-150 BGN;

Family * Two-Day Pass-100 BGN;

Family * One-Day Pass-60 BGN;

Sunday-Free Entrance


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Festival co-creative content, coordination and communication, pre-medical care, traffic control, water supply and community nutrition, lighting and decoration, firewood, waste management, composting toilets and state camping fee.




* The family ticket is valid only for families with a child (children) who present a copy of the
birth certificate of the child (the children) at the entrance of the event. The presence of the
child (the children) is obligatory for the validity of the ticket.


* * Children up to 15 years do not pay an entrance fee.


Minors under 18 YOA enter the area of the event only with a companion and a printed,
completed and signed declaration by the latter – parent, guardian or a third party in care of
the child.


There should be two copies of the declaration – one for the organizers and a second one for
the companion to keep in case of another request to present it. A companion who is neither
a parent, nor a guardian may bring up to 2 children.