Beglika’s culture of giving will lead to several common causes which we’ll develop in the
future with the people who are ready for closer and more unified actions.

We invite the CO-CREATORS of the festival to take part in the Togertherness Fund!


All proposals will get an evaluation of their potential to

generate good and change,and will be presented at the festival.

The causes that gain support at Beglika will be invited to join the pilot projects in Horodeya platform for socio-economic exchange.

The fund itself will be generated with the help of the participants’ support in the form of manual labour, expertise and financial resources, as well as by Beglika Foundation which willdonate part of its profit above the set budget for the organization of this year’s edition of the festival.

Objectives of the Fund


Promote the community causes which have potential to generate good and sustainable social change.


Attract additional support in the form of labour or provision of resources by the society.

The application is very easy! When registering to participate in the program, choose which
of the following seven categories matches your activity.


The application is easy, when registering to participate in the program choose in which of the following seven categories falls your activity.

1 Enlightenment and Education

A cause based on the principles of wisdom and the lessons everyone should learn.

Deep-rooted flaws transform into advantages and defects– in virtues.


2 Imagination and creativity

A cause from the field of science or art that will develop the individual’s constructive energy and his power for self-realization. Man revives into a teacher and leader.


3 Expression and Artistry

A cultural cause that will awaken our natural sense of sharing and will refine the
relationships in our society. Beauty enters matter and we see the different faces of love.


4 Administration and Finance

A cause related to the true and fair lawmaking and justice, banking and international
finance. It will free us from pettiness and the fears that hinder our lives.

5 Will and Assertiveness

A cause that gives direction and nurtures the courage and will for individuality .

Victory is the result of the active energy of the people who defend the truth in the environment.


6 Health and self-knowledge

A cause that follows the natural rhythm of the human body and connects

the Higherconsciousness to man’s mind.

We will know more about the individual

and the laws that drive his existence.


7 Survival and Nutrition

This cause will develop what influences our daily lives the most

and matters to field labour.
It is based on the processes of filling and emptying,

and contributes to the feeding of the

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We rely on your inspiration!


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