Volunteering is mainly about mutual reliance and finding our unique place in the


Work during the festival organization includes:


Setting up the community kitchens and logistics of provisions for them.


Taking care of the wood supplies for the kitchen and the camp firesides.


Drawing and hanging signboards and landmarks.


Providing information about the program and the location of the different events.


Organizing the parking area and giving directions to the visitors.


Keeping the environment clean.

What you should know as a volunteer candidate?


Beglika is carried out in three phases: preparatory, event and post-event.


I Preparatory Phase: 20 July – 10 August

We form the core of the team. We lay the foundations of the festival,get to know each
other and bond. We learn how to interact the best way possible. Work is all day long with an afternoon break included.


ІІ Event Phase: 11 – 18 August

The festival begins and we have already set up a lean organization. We keep learning from each other, while you are still getting used to the process. The festival follows a precise schedule and everyone has a daily six-hours shift..


III Post-Event Phase: 19-25 August

We clean, uninstall and pick up our stuff because we want to leave Beglika as intact as we have found it.


Volunteering is not limited to these periods.


What are the important things to bring?



You need a tent, a sleeping bag, a duver cover,

warm clothes, winter jacket and raincoat, swimwear and ideas to make things happen .


Food is provided , everyone takes care for his own transportation– there is a group for a shared travels.