What you’re about to find on our Trade Street at Beglika?

This year at Beglika Fest you will find unique accessories, jewelry, clothes, pictures, photos, gifts made by our traders.

On Trade Street, you can find your new favorite jewel, a t-shirt with an original print, a bottle dressed in a hemp twill, a crystal dream catcher, knit bags and hats.

There will also be wooden pieces of art such as puzzles, jewelry and house accessories.

You will see your little priceless ring with a dandelion or your new favorite ceramic mug. Ceramic artists will present their new collections, and painters will show you how to draw something simple and easy.

On Trade Street this year:
– Hemp knitting, bottles, reusable accessories and household goods from recycled materials. Knitting, hats, bags. T-shirts and bags with author’s prints.
– Hand-painted Mandalas, wooden accessories and jewelery. This year will also be able to find the various items of “Stenata” and OCB on Beglika.
– And much more to your attention on the meadows of Beglika.

Thanks to: Stanislava Kopananova, Designer, Almandala, Christina Hadjieva, Boryana, Milena Velikova, Ivalina Dumbova, Amalgama, Ilina, Anelia Pashova, Mira Kostova, Neli Miteva, Omaya …

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