Covid safety

1 Covid 19 is not here to punish us, but also to teach us something about the New and to show the level of civilization, so we need to approach all measures with respect.


2 This is only the beginning of a series of commending measures which the powers of nature impose, be diligent, and attentive to what is happening.


3 Without cultural and social transformation, civilization is unlikely to remain unchanged. We urgently need these changes. 


4 Nothing will be the same anymore. Forget. Bravely forward. 


5 Keep your intuition open, and your mind awake to change, it comes. It’s happening now. 


6 Without fear and without darkness in love Boundless. 


7 A new beginning is coming, the transformative Witnessed is here, you in it, and it is in you.


And because the transformation is smooth, keep your eyes open and think in 3D – dimension or more like this:


1 Observe a healthy distance of 1.5 meters -> distance.


2 Disinfect your hands regularly in the designated places -> disinfection.


3 If you feel indisposed, don’t get stressed but please go immediately go to the first aid point -> discipline.

Get ready for Beglika by bringing in:

  • Mask, disinfectant, gloves – everything you need for your safety and that of others
  • Can, bowl, utensils, water bottle
  • Head, flashlight
  • Thick winter jacket, warm clothes, raincoat
  • Tent, scarf, sleeping bag
  • Swimsuit, sunscreen
  • Smile : )