Traders & conceptual donors

Become a conceptual donor

Conceptual donors are companies or brands that support the implementation of Begley and express our moral and conceptual views.


Each donor will be concluded with a Donation Agreement and will receive a certificate of gratitude from the Begley Foundation.


Bilateral advertising and trade relations or sponsorships are not allowed.

For traders

1 – Foodies – Satisfy the main nutritional needs of the event (all vegetarian food):

Kitchens, restaurants, organic farmers offering fruit or vegetable sweets and soft drinks.


Entrance fee:

Individual fee of BGN 30 for each team member;

Contribution of BGN 500


2 – Art traders and health practices

Art workshops, craftsmen, print dealers, hand-made creativity, massages, taro, tamazcal, spiritual and health practices and workshops, sports-entertainment and cultural activities.


Entrance fee:

Individual fee of BGN 30 for each team member;

Contribution of BGN 200


This year we feed Begley mainly from solar systems and significantly reduce our consumption. Electricity for lighting will be provided by Begley. For your needs, bring solar lights and panels or generators and share electricity with the objects adjacent to you. If you can't cover your electricity needs yourself, contact us further.


All traders must be provided with documents for carrying out the relevant type of activity, subject to anti-epidemic measures imposed by the Ministry of Health.


For all of us, the rule – 3D – distance, disinfection and discipline will apply.


The protection and preservation of our health depends only on Ourselves.


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