About Beglika

The Beglika area is located in the heart of Batashka Mountain – one of the highest and wildest shares of the Rhodope Mountains.


In the Beglika region there are numerous protected natural areas, of the highest conservation importance on the continent.

How to get to Beglika?

With Beglikobus >> expect more information soon

By Shared Transport >> expect more information soon

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If  you are coming from Sofia or Plovdiv, you need to drive along the Batak – Dospat road.


1. The road for the event passes through the Golya Beglik Dam.


Near the wall you will be able to park and move to the event by WATER TAXI.


For more information and booking, please call +359 879 053625 (Iliya) or +359 988820133 (Ivan).


The price of the ticket is 10 BGN. In groups of over 7 persons it would be 8 BGN.


We recommend this option, as cars are damaged every year on the forest road to Beglika.


2. After the wall you move along an asphalt road a few more kilometers, after which on the right there is a marked turnoff to the event area.


3. About 3 kilometers more forest road and you will be there!


Drive very carefully on the road so as not to damage your car. 


Do not try to get as far ahead as possible to the entrance to the event.


The forest road is quite narrow and the manoeuvres are complex.


Lock and empty your vehicle, leave the glove box open and visibly empty.


There are no trash cans in the event area. Everything you bring with you is your personal responsibility.


The central camping area is located about 400 meters before the entrance to the council. It is located on an area of 30 000 sq. m. It is equipped with compost toilets. Spring drinking water is available at the campsite. Firing of fire occurs only in existing foci.


The camping area is NOT secured! 


Camp together: set up your camp near acquaintances and make friends with the neighbors.Keep an eye on the things we lose most often – keys, wallets, phones and cameras.


Get ready for Begley by bringing in:


  • Mask, disinfectant, gloves – everything you need for yours and other safety
  • Can, bowl, utensils, water bottl
  • Head, flashlight
  • Thick winter cool, warm clothes, raincoat
  • Tent, scarf, sleeping bag
  • Swimsuit, sunscreen>
  • Smile : )


Drink plenty of water – the summer sun increases the need for water.