Community Gathering

8 days, Sunday to Sunday

13th edition

full moon in Aquarius

22 August at 15:02:15


Become part of the event for BGN 50 until July 15 and BGN 70 after that until its beginning. The entrance is valid for the 8 days of the gathering.

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On the spot, the entry will be 70 BGN for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and 50 BGN for Saturday and Sunday only.


In times of total insecurity and absolute vulnerability, times of distress, you perceive the darkness, you seek the Light and move forward in small steps on the Path to your own faith.


Imagine that there is no battle that we have to win; we will not be able to deal with this reality and we will draw the new one on the blurred windows. Now we have the firmness and softness of a humble soul in our pockets, and the less we control the situation and waste our strength, the faster we reach the Тrust.


A gathering after the end of the world, at the beginning of a long ending or just at the dawn of a new beginning. It doesn’t mean anything, we just take it on trust.


That is why we’re gathering again. There are no differences between creators and users, because everything is running live and can not be faked. Together we are building the oasis of change and laying the new foundations of the world. A world we are designing at the moment.


We are this new world, the one we dream of, construct and invent. There is no place for a fake world.


We will put all our effort for the 13th time to upgrade our school, to learn to let go and to forgive. Let us be what we are.


Humans. Hearts. Souls…


You have me, I have you.


We trust in our Path.

Beglika is born from the shared contribution

of all participants:

All visitors and participants are co-creators of the entire content of the gathering. We all contribute on a shared basis and through minimum donation to cover the basic costs.

The program is open and everyone is welcome to join.